Thursday, June 27, 2013

OUYA Development

Hi all. I've been quite busy lately. I travelled more than I expected and I didn't work much on JavaScript and my project. What I did was mostly bug fixing on not-so-interesting stuff, which did not lead me to interesting discoveries about the language in general.
What I wanted to post today is about OUYA, this new gaming platform. It's a small console with an Android engine inside. You plug it to your TV through an HDMI cable and can start browsing the store to buy games.

Yesterday I installed the ODK, OUYA Development Kit, following the instructions here. I would like to try and write some games, as I have always been attracted by game development.
Since I don't own the console I thought I could not test what I produce. Luckily, there are some Android phones that have the same power more or less, so apparently test may be run on the virtual device from Eclipse. I will let you know if this is actually possible (I still don't see how to emulate the controller, for example...).

If I ever start programming something, I will show the outcomes here.