Friday, March 22, 2013

Arduino & Node.JS

Lately I've been experimenting quite a lot with Raspberry Pi, but I was curious about what can Node do on Arduino. So I got an Arduino and searched for some useful library to run Node on it. I immediately found out what I was looking for : Noduino.

The framework is really easy to run: just download the branch, then upload on your Arduino the du.ino file and you are good to go. I tried a very simple example given in the repo: test.walkLED.js and built a very simple circuit:

I think the most important thing was that the setup is very simple: it took me more to build the circuit than to install things. I won't paste here the example code but if you are interested I suggest you to go and check that particular example out. It shows how simple the code is to deal with such low level interfaces.
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