Monday, March 18, 2013

Cobbler Breakout Kit

When I first ordered my RaspberryPis, I didn't realize I would need some kind of male-to-female cables to connect the breadboard to the I/O pins on the Pis, which are male. I decided to spend I little bit more and buy the Cobbler Breakout Kits. These kits are very easy to solder and give some help in building circuits: on the board there are all the names of the pins which corresponds to the pins on the Pi. Here is one already soldered (don't mind the bad soldering...) :

It comes in 3 parts: the blue one, the black one and some small pins that have to be soldiered to the left and to the right of the blue board. First of all one needs to solder the black part, where the ribbon goes, to the board. The soldiering is done keeping the board upside down in a way that the pins of the black input are visible. Then I had to solder pin by pin: 

Then it comes to the pins on the left and right of the board. To do that I put the pins on the breadboard, then I put on top of them the board and soldered them one by one again:

Here is a top view of the breakout kit with all the names of the pins. As I said it makes like easier as you have them there and you don't have to look for an explanation of the pins.

I had many things to do this update came late. I just ordered an analog-to-digital converter. In some following update I will explain how to connect that to the Pi in order to get some analog data with digital output.


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  1. If you are master in soldering so it is an easy task for you but a person like me who is just a student of Qualitative Company does not understand at first but with the passage of time they come to know the meaning and the use of male and female points.